Donnie Streaty,  also known by his stage name as I.P (Ill Poetic)., was born in Anderson, Indiana. He started listening to Hip-Hop after his brother would play it in the morning before school. Growing up in Indiana, I.P started listening to East Coast and West Coast Hip-Hop on a regular basis.  After going to a local 21 and under club in his home town to watch a rap contest, he decided to start writing his own raps and attempt to enter a local rap contest in his city. Once he did that, it was confirmed that he was a natural talent as a lyricist and emcee.

After many years of trying to get his demo heard, he felt his chances of making it in Hip-Hop living in Indiana were limited, so he caught a bus and headed to New York city and lived in the streets of Manhattan for almost a year, sleeping where he could at night and in the day, walking into record labels with no success. After not achieving what he wanted, he decided to return home to Indiana.

Donnie I.P. had given up on his dream, but he met two women from New York via social media, Tania and Aleida Rodriguez, and they encouraged him to never give up. Now promoting his new single, “BORN IN THIS WORLD“, he’s hopeful that the lyrics from his song, that are true to his life, resonate with the world and gain him not only a new and growing fan base, but the recognition he has been seeking as a dedicated Hip-Hop artist.

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